Iza Calzado Reveals Experiences w/ Past “Bad” Relationship

Iza Calzado Opens Up About Past Experiences in Love

IZA CALZADO – The veteran actress revealed that she also experienced a “bad” relationship in the past before she met her husband, Ben Wintle.

Undeniably, one of the common words in breakup statements are the words “toxic” and “bad”. Usually, the people involved or either of the persons in the relationship say that things are getting “toxic” or “bad” for them thus they decided to part ways.

One of the words was also highlighted after actor Gerald Anderson broke his silence on issues surrounding his breakup with fellow Kapamilya star Bea Alonzo. In an interview with Boy Abunda, he stressed that they became “very toxic” together and they had months and months of fight.

Recently, another celebrity confessed that she also experienced a relationship she called “toxic” before she met her husband. Veteran actress Iza Calzado recalled what she did for love before she found Ben Wintle.


In a vlog interview with Bianca Gonzales focusing on “why some women stay in bad relationships”, Iza Calzado recalled that she was madly in love with someone before. According to her, the more the guy was pushing her away, the more she got attached.

Iza expressed that their relationship started to become “toxic” after several months of being together. Prior to it, she was the one who left her partner but to the said guy with whom she had a “toxic” relationship, she was so in love.

“The more he pushed me away, the more I wanted to be with him. The more challenged I became to prove to myself, to everybody,” the actress said.

According to Iza Calzado, the people around her were even vocal about their side that they do not want the guy for her. However, she got more attached and she was very insecure then. The actress admitted that she even checked the messages on the phone of the guy and she really reacts whenever some women would approach the guy.

During the vlog interview, Iza said that was how she knew love then based on the environment or the home she grew up with so she thought that was love. She said that it’s a “romantic idea” to feel complete because of another person but it is only you yourself and God Who can really complete you.

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