Facebook To Stop “Harmful Content” In Groups By Punishing Group Members Who Break Rules

Facebook would stop “harmful content” in Groups by punishing group members who broke the rules

Facebook recently announced a new feature that would stop “harmful content” in Groups by punishing group members who broke the rules.

Photo source: 9to5Mac

In a report on 9to5Mac, Facebook was announcing changes in order to keep its Groups feature a safe place and to stop harmful content such as misinformation and hate speech.

Facebook on Wednesday said in a blog post that it would start improving group recommendations while restricting the reach of rule-breaking groups and group members.

As we work to make sure that potentially harmful groups aren’t recommended to people, we try to be careful not to penalize high-quality groups on similar topics. The tension we navigate isn’t between our business interests and removing low-quality groups — it’s about taking action on potentially harmful groups while still ensuring that community leaders can grow their groups that follow the rules and bring people value,” Facebook said in a blog post.

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Recently, Facebook removed political and civic groups as well as newly-created groups from recommendations in the United States.

Although it was possible to invite friends to those groups or search for those groups, those restrictions were globally expanding.

When a certain user tried to join a certain group that had Community Standards violations, Facebook would prompt a “Review this Group before you join it” note, but it would still be possible to join the said group.

Admins and moderators would also need to temporarily approve all posts when a certain group had a substantial number of members who either have violated policies or were part of other groups that were removed for breaking Facebook rules.

Facebook also warned that if someone had repeated violations in groups, the said user will be blocked from posting and commenting for a period of time in any group, adding that those users also won’t be able to create new groups.

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