BLACKPINK Member Rosé Shares Reason Why Her Entire Solo Album Is In English

BLACKPINK member Rosé shared her reason why her entire solo album was in English.

BLACKPINK member Rosé recently shared her reason why her entire solo album was in the English language and not in the Korean language.


Rosé was officially the second member of BLACKPINK to debut solo, with her first single album “-R-“.

Her debut title track “On The Ground” was produced by Jorgen Odegard, ojivolta, TEDDY, Jon Bellion, and 24. In addition, the said track was written by herself along with Amy Allen, Jon Bellion, Jorgen Odegard, Raúl Cubina, and TEDDY.

The said track depicted a message of self-love self-reflection. Moreover, the lyrics described a star who had devoted her life to racing for the top, but she eventually realized that a person’s worth was always determined by one’s inner character.

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As to why her album was in English, Rosé shared during the press conference for “-R-” that she felt every song had a language it suited the most. In addition, she shared that in order to raise the level of completeness for her tracks, she felt that they suited English the most.

Although she’s worried that her fans would find it a pity they weren’t in Korean, her priority was to deliver a satisfying song with a high level of completeness.

Meanwhile, Rosé would be appearing on NBC’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on March 16, performing “On The Ground” and globally promoting her solo debut as well.

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