Young Guy Disappointed After Friends Forgot His Birthday Upon Changing Birthdate on FB

Young Guy Expresses Dismay Because His Friends Forgot His Birthday After Changing His Birthdate on Facebook

A young guy has expressed his disappointment after his friends forgot his birthday upon changing his birthdate on Facebook.

A Facebook user named Fourth Sayawacxi has expressed his dismay after his friends forgot his birthday and no one even greeted him. The post garnered various reactions from the social media users.

Fourth said that he changed his birthday from February 12, 2002 to April 15, 1980 to know if his friends will truly remember his special day. He did not inform and hinted his friends about his birthday.

Young Guy

The guy’s mom cooked spaghetti and his dad bought a cake for his special day but no one attended his birthday celebration. He waited until 10pm but no one remembered it and nobody greets him.

The disappointed netizens advised the online community to remember the important dates and happenings in their life including the birthday of their friends. He also expressed his gratefulness towards his parents for making him happy during his birthday.

Young Guy
Young Guy

Here is the full post:

So I have something to tell u guys. Hindi ko sinasabing maawa kayo sakin this is just an open eye for everyone. So my real birthday was on feb 12, 2002 and sinadya kong palitan to April 15, 1980. I said to myself itry ko kayang ichange for me to have idea kung sino ang mga nakakaalala ng araw ng aking kaarawan. Yung walang inform or hint ni facebook. And feb 12 came and my birthday I scroll on my ra knowing na madami akong friends kasi palakaibigan ako at babatiin nila ako. My mom and dad cooked spag and bought cake for me. Ofcourse they know na bday ko kasi anak nila ako. Unfortunately, exactly 10pm two hours after my bday end I scroll and guess what? None of my friend greet me and na down ako sobra like wth eventho im friendly wala ni isa naka alala sa spesyal na araw ko. Lesson learned here is if u have a true friend they will remember the important date and happenings in ur life. And as bestfriend also dapat marunong kang alalahanin ang mga importanteng araw ng kaibigan mo. Nagpapasalamat pa din ako dahil may pamilya akong pinasaya ang bday ko

The netizens expressed their reactions to the post:

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