Wil Dasovich Recalls ‘Sleeping on the Ground’ Being Homeless

Wil Dasovich: “I technically was homeless.”

WIL DASOVICH – The former Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemate-vlogger recalled how he would consider himself homeless in the past.

Wil Dasovich
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The famous Youtuber shared in his latest vlog that he used to live in other people’s houses.

“I remember when I was homeless, you know? Now, we’re buying a house, dude. I technically was homeless. I did not own anything. I was sleeping on the ground before. That was very temporary. And then I would sleep at my cousin’s house and my aunt and uncles. And then I met Sir Jako early on. And now, we’re buying a house five years later,” he said.

According to him, he considers buying a new house as a form of investment.

“It is finally time for me to level up and buy a house or condo. Something bigger and more spacious from where I currently live, plus it is also a good investment. Join me as I search for the perfect house that’s right for me,” he noted in the caption.

Joining Wil Dasovich in his vlog is Jako de Leon who also expressed his happiness after his fellow vlogger has decided to buy a property.

“I know it is great. And I guess it’s also an investment. And we talk about this all the time. To be fair, Wil’s always been wanting to buy a property but always says like ‘Hey, you gotta save up, you picked the right one. You’re gonna use it for investing and all that,” he said.

Wil Dasovich will reveal his chosen house in his next vlog via his official YouTube channel.

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