Mother Holding Baby Punched By Passenger Escorted Off Airplane

Mother Holding Baby Punched By Passenger Removed From Flight

MOTHER HOLDING BABY PUNCHED – An unruly passenger was having an uncalled-for argument with authorities.

One of the flight attendants told the passengers that they could settle the argument later with customer service. Afterward, they asked them to leave the flight.

According to people on the flight, the group of people got on the plane being loud and the lady with the baby asked them to quiet down. But, they did not like that. Along with this, the group was not listening to staff about wearing their seatbelts or wearing their masks.

Mother Holding Baby Punched By Passenger Escorted Off Airplane

As such, authorities stepped in and intervened the situation. Unfortunately, things escalated and the group were claiming that it was because of their race.

Eventually, they agreed to step-off the plane. However, before they did, one of the passengers punched the mother that told them to quiet down.

Since then, the video went viral on social media sites such as Tiktok, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit. Here is the full video:

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