How To Know If Cat Is Pregnant

Wondering How To Know If Cat Is Pregnant? Here Are the Signs

HOW TO KNOW IF CAT IS PREGNANT – Here is a guide on the signs that may indicate that your cat is pregnant.

One of the inevitable things that may happen most especially when you have both male and female cats at home is the latter getting pregnant. Truths be told that cats multiply rapidly.

The usual range of a cat litter consist of 3-4 kittens. The menstrual cycle may also take place regularly – the same as giving birth. Do you have male and female cats at home and suspect that the latter is pregnant?

How To Know If Cat Is Pregnant

Like in humans, body changes can be the most visible sign of pregnancy in cats. However, these changes may not appear right away most especially in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

How to know if your cat is pregnant? The following things or situations may appear after several weeks since its session with the male cat:

  • morning sickness – Your cat may go through phases of vomiting and lethargy. It is important to observe your cat closely and, based on Purely Pets, it does not go right away, it is best to bring your cat to the veterinary clinic.
  • increased meal – Is your cat eating more than its usual intake in a meal or is still hungry even after giving it its regular food? It can already be an indication that not only your cat but as well as some kittens inside are eating.
  • weight gain – This is the most visible sign in a pregnant cat. Kittens are growing inside and your cat will gain some weight and look bigger.
  • nesting behavior – Like in dogs, cats may show signs of nesting when it is pregnant. This usually happens at the end of the gestation period.

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