Colombia Students Take Part in Class Set Up w/ Protective Screens

Photos of Colombia Students Participating in Class Set Up w/ Protective Screens Earn Reactions Online

Colombia students have taken part in a class set up with protective screens amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Since last year, the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread in different countries all around the world. The virus affects millions of people and took thousands of lives worldwide and even affects the global economy.

The health crisis even affect the flow of education in various regions across the globe. some countries have shifted to distance learning system to prevent the virus transmission among students, teachers, and school empolyees.

Colombia Students

The Facebook page “” has shared the photos of college students participating in a class set up as a preparation to face-to-face classes. The photos garnered different reactions from the netizens.

In the photos, it can be seen that the students participated in a class set up using protective screens at the Antonio Jose Sucre Public School in Itagui, Colombia. The country has already started the roll out of vaccine earlier this month.

Colombia Students
Colombia Students
Colombia Students

The online community expressed their reactions to the photos:

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