Christine Dacera’s Close Friend Rommel Galido Posts Message For Her

Message of Christine Dacera’s Close Friend Rommel Galido For Her

CHRISTINE DACERA’S CLOSE FRIEND – Rommel Galido, a friend of the flight attendant, posted a message for her on the 40th day since her death.

The death of Christine Angelica Dacera became a sensational case. At least 11 persons are currently facing charges over allegations of crime related to her passing. Most of these people are close friends of the flight attendant.

For the New Year’s eve, Dacera and her friends checked in to City Garden Grand Hotel. Her companions claimed that they had hard drinks and they played parlor games together with some people staying in another room.

However, in the morning of January 1, Dacera was reportedly found unconscious in a bathtub of the room. She was rushed to Makati Medical Center but was declared dead on arrival.

Christine Dacera Case

The first autopsy on the body of Dacera determined ruptured aortic aneurysm as the cause of her death. The same cause was stated in the medico-legal report of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

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Howevre, on the part of the Dacera family, they do not believe that Christine died of a natural cause. Investigations are still ongoing.

Yesterday was the 40th day since Christine Dacera died. Many of her friends including Christine Dacera’s close friend Rommel Galido posted messages for her on the 40th day of her death.

Christine Dacera’s close friend Rommel Galido is the one who found her unconscious in the bathtub. They’re the closest among the group. In his social media post, he expressed their longing for her presence saying she’s the only girl in their group and she is now their “Angel”.

Rommel Galido Post

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