Christine Dacera Case: DOJ Explains What’s Next If PNP, NBI Got Different Findings

DOJ Speaks on Christine Dacera Case Probed by Both PNP, NBI

CHRISTINE DACERA CASE – The Department of Justice (DOJ) explained what may happen next if the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) will yield different findings.

The PNP has already released its medico-legal report on the death of Christine Angelica Dacera. It determined ruptured aortic aneurysm as the cause of the death of the 23-year-old flight attendant.

Undeniably, the Dacera case is the first sensational case this 2021. Some people are calling for justice for the flight attendant while other people believe that the respondents are innocent and no crime was committed.

Currently, at least 11 people who were with Dacera on New Year’s eve are facing charges over her death. Most of these are her friends who stayed in the same room with her.

Christine Dacera Case

The Dacera family is not convinced by the medico-legal report of the PNP. They stress the bruises of the flight attendant and insisted on a DNA examination to check if the organs examined were really Christine’s.

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The family also awaits the findings of the NBI on the probe over the Christine Dacera case. Recently, the DOJ explained the possibility in case the NBI and the PNP will yield different investigation results.

Based on a report on the Philippine Star, DOJ Chief Menardo Guevarra said that it is possible that PNP and the NBI will come with different findings and in case it will happen, the investigating prosecutor may lodge a clarificatory hearing.

The representatives of the NBI and the PNP will be called to the hearing to check on the basis of their findings. The investigating prosecutor “can determine which will be given more weight, if there is probable cause on what the Dacera family had filed”.

According to Guevarra, the basic issue in the case is whether or not a crime that the respondents were accused of took place. He stressed that the investigating prosecutor will resolve it.

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