Christine Dacera Case: Valentine Rosales Surrenders Everything To God

Post of Christine Dacera Case Respondent Valentine Rosales

CHRISTINE DACERA CASE – Valentine Rosales, one of the respondents of the case, is surrendering everything they are going through to God.

Last January 1, a lot of people woke up to a heartbreaking news about a flight attendant who was found dead in a hotel in Makati City. She was identified as Christine Angelica Dacera.

Dacera, 23-years-old, spent the New Year’s eve at the City Garden Grand Hotel in Makati City together with her friends. They were also introduced to some people staying in another room by one of their friends.

According to her companions, they had hard drinks and they also played some parlor games. However, the next morning, she was reportedly found unconscious in a bathtub and was rushed to the hospital where she was declared dead on arrival.

Christine Dacera Case

The autopsy and the findings of the Philippine National Police (PNP) determined ruptured aortic aneurysm as the cause of her death. However, her family does not believe that she died of a natural cause.

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At least 11 people are currently facing charges filed by Makati PNP over the death of Christine Dacera. Most of it are her friends who stayed with her in the hotel room.

One of the Christine Dacera case respondent is Valentine Rosales. He’s known as the one that the flight attendant kissed along the hallway of the hotel.

Recently, Valentine Rosales took to social media a message for all those who are sending him messages. The Christine Dacera case respondent is surrendering all they’re going through to God.

Based on a screenshot of Pep, Valentine expressed his appreciation over the concern of people sending him messages. He admitted that he does not know here to start again and his only prayer is for the challenge in front of them to end.

Valentine Rosales Post
Photo lifted from Pep

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  1. Dnt worry to all 2209 boys or gays whatever, truth will prevail and keep praying, Kaya neo yan Laban ntin yan, it hurts too much and damages has been done. Move on nlng and keep praying for the good of all.


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