Christine Dacera Case: Lawyer of John Paul Halili Speaks About PNP Report

Update on Christine Dacera Case Following Preliminary Investigation

CHRISTINE DACERA CASE – Respondent John Paul Halili’s lawyer spoke about the Philippine National Police’s medico-legal report.

The investigations on the death of Christine Angelica Dacera are ongoing. The 23-year-old flight attendant of the Philippine Airlines (PAL) was found dead in a bathtub in a hotel in Makati City.

For the New Year celebration, Dacera and her friends decided to stay in City Garden Grand Hotel since some of them have their families in other cities and cannot go home.

According to Dacera’s companions, they stayed in Room 2209 but they were also introduced to some people staying in Room 2207 by a common friend. They reportedly had hard drinks and played some parlor games.

Christine Dacera Camp

The following day, Dacera was found unconscious in a bathtub. According to her friends, it was her decision to sleep in the bathtub as she does not want to vomit in the bed.

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They tried to revive Dacera and rushed her to Makati Medical Center but she was declared dead on arrival. The medico-legal report of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Christine Dacera Case Respondent
Photo: GMA-7 Network

Recently, The lawyer of one of the respondents in the Christine Dacera case spoke on the PNP report. Based on a report on Inquirer, John Paul Halili’s lawyer stressed that “science would not lie”.

Atty. Emmanuel Ramos was asked about the content of the counter-affidavit they submitted over the Christine Dacera case. Based on the report, they stood by the result of the PNP report.

“What we placed there were the findings of medicolegal because science would not lie. The two medicolegal reports speak of natural death. The DNA examination speaks the same that there is an aneurysm,” he said.

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