Christine Dacera Case Respondent JP Dela Serna’s Post Elicits Comments

Inspiring Post of Christine Dacera Case Respondent JP Dela Serna

CHRISTINE DACERA CASE RESPONDENT – JP Dela Serna’s social media post elicited comments from the netizens.

The death of Christine Angelica Dacera, a 23-year-old flight attendant who was found dead in a hotel in Makati City, hooked national attention. Undeniably, upon the breakout of the reports, the respondents of the case gained a lot of criticisms from the public.

At least 11 people who were with Dacera in City Garden Grand Hotel are currently facing charges filed by Makati Philippine National Police (PNP). Among these are friends of the flight attendant.

Dacera and her friends decided to stay in the hotel for the New Year’s eve. According to her companions, they had hard drinks and they also played some parlor games.

Christine Dacera Camp

However, the following morning, Rommel Galido who is one of the friends of Dacera claimed he found her unconscious in a bathtub. After efforts of reviving her did not work, she was rushed to Makati Medical Center but she was declared dead on arrival.

The PNP medico-legal report on the death of Dacera determined ruptured aortic aneurysm as the cause of her death. Her family is not convinced by it citing the bruises in her body.

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The respondents stand firm that they are innocent from the accusations of crime over the death of Christine Dacera. They continually stressed that she’s their friend and they could not do it to her.

Recently, Christine Dacera case respondent JP Dela Serna took to social media an inspiring message that goes – “Your life has a PURPOSE, Your story is IMPORTANT, Your dream COUNTS, Your voice MATTERS, and You were born to make an IMPACT”.

JP has just celebrated his birthday amid the issues and allegations against him and his friends. The charges against them are still on.

A lot of netizens reacted to the Instagram post of JP Dela Serna. Here are some of the comments on the post of the Christine Dacera case respondent:

@lianjhomanne: “Keep praying, god will never leave you nor forsake you and your friends,, stay strong po”

@steph.sibug: “Keep praying for justice , keep smiling always”

@imjoanmillar: “I’m always praying for all of you. This too shall pass. Hold on, everything will be alright!”

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