Aiko Melendez Defends Ex-Husband Jomari Yallana from ‘Disappointed’ Netizen

Aiko Melendez: “He is still the father of Andre.”

Aiko Melendez defended her former husband Jomari Yllana from a netizen who’s disappointed with him.

Aiko Melendez and Jomari Yllana
Credit to rightful owner of the photos

Recently, she went to the image-sharing site, Instagram wherein she posted a photo of her ex-husband alongside her son Andre while the actor is fixing the racing suit worn by her child.

“Pass on the Torch @andreyllana with his Dad Jomari preppin him for a race on Sunday,” she noted in the caption.

According to the Kapuso actress, Andre’s racing suit was worn by Jomari when he raced in South Korea.

It was in October 2014 when Jomari participated in the Super Race Championship in South Korea.

Jomari was the first Filipino to race in the aforementioned international race competition. He finished third in that race, against 35 Korean racers.

While Andre first raced at Clark International Speedway in Angeles City, Pampanga in December 2019. He finished fourth out of 100 drivers in a car-racing competition.

Meanwhile, a netizen couldn’t help but comment on the said post of Aiko Melendez.

“Wow thats cool! Galing nman @andreyllanaa. [three clapping hands emoji]… but disappointing dad nya pala si @jomariyllana,” the netizen commented while mentioning the actor.

In Aiko’s reply, she begged the netizen to not speak negatively against Jomari because “He is still the father of Andre.”

The netizen immediately apologized and said that she was not able to hold back from commenting against Jomari.

An article from cited that netizen possibly drew her frustration against Jomari following his controversy last month.

Jomari has been accused by his former domestic partner named Joy Reyes of allegedly abandoning his responsibilities as the father to their kids. But he denied the allegations.

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