Roque To Filipinos: Move On From Illegal Vaccination Issue

Roque Tells Filipinos To Move On From Controversial Vaccination Issue

MOVE ON – Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque told Filipinos to simply move on from the PSG’s illegal COVID-19 vaccination.

Recently, the President’s security detail was caught dead-center in a coronavirus vaccination controversy. Afterward, they admitted to being inoculated with an unauthorized COVID-19 vaccine.

However, they did not want to disclose further information about its procurement or where it came from. But, despite the unauthorized use, the PSG seems like they won’t be getting any repercussions whatsoever.

Roque To Filipinos: Move On From Illegal Vaccination Issue

Furthermore, Roque himself insisted that the public simply move on from the controversy. According to an article from Philstar, the PSG are “ready to die for the security of the President”.

“The message is clear: they would die for the president’s safety and to give him protection. And the Filipino people and our president show respect to them for their loyalty to their mission of protecting the president”.

Meanwhile, as a response to Robredo’s calls for transparency, Roque said: “We aren’t hiding anything, VP Leni Robredo”. However, the PSG earlier said that they wouldn’t disclose details to the public about where they got the vaccine.

Later, the vaccine used was identified as China’s Sinopharm’s vaccine. Afterward, the pharma denied any involvement in the PSG’s COVID-19 inoculation.

Still, Roque made it clear that the PSG, even if found guilty of their blatant use of unauthorized vaccines, aren’t scared of any punishment they might receive.

“They’re willing to die for the president, why would they care about a penalty”, Roque added.

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