#KasalangBeKki2020: Bettinna Carlos, Mikki Eduardo Share Wedding Video

Bettinna Carlos and Mikki Eduardo shared their wedding video on Bettinna’s YouTube channel.

Actress Bettinna Carlos and husband Mikki Eduardo shared that their wedding video was already uploaded on Bettinna’s YouTube channel.

This, as Bettinna and Mikki posted on their respective Instagram accounts to mark their first monthsary last January 2, 2021.

Bettinna Mikki wedding video

Snippets of heartfelt moments from their intimate wedding that was held at Tagaytay Highlands, were shown in the said video — including their exchange of vows and also the reading of messages to their parents and Gummy as well.

In the description of the said video, Bettinna and Mikki said that they had their own tears and tragedies individually.

Bettinna and Mikki, however, said that despite this time of uncertainty, God still made a way for them to finally meet and marry twice.

Bettinna and Mikki also hoped that their wedding film would give their followers hope and encouragement that though life seemed bleak they had a way-making, miracle-working, and promise-keeping God who was alive, at work, and who caused all things to work together for those who loved Him.

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The 28-minute wedding video was already available on Bettinna’s YouTube channel. You can watch the full video below:

Prior to this, Bettinna on Saturday shared that she and Mikki received a box containing a copy of their wedding video.

According to her, the said package was the “best first monthsary gift” that she received.

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