Andrew E ‘Tamang Tama’ Reaches 1M Views On YouTube, Thanks Fans

Andrew E “Tamang Tama” video on YouTube reached one million views.

Rapper Andrew E on Wednesday announced that his latest track “Tamang Tama” already reached over one million views on YouTube.

Andrew E Tamang Tama
Screen-captured photo from Andrew E video

It was last November 30 when Andrew E uploaded his latest single “Tamang Tama” on his YouTube channel wherein the song was about his achievements in the rap scene.

As of this writing, the said video already reached over 1.05 million video views and 65,000 likes.

With this, Andrew E thanked his supporters and fans for reaching his new milestone in his career as a rapper.

During his livestream on Wednesday, Andrew E shared that he’s glad because his latest track reached one million views and thanked his supporters and fans for his latest achievement.

Thank you so much sa mga sumuporta, sa lahat ng mga solid fans, (at) sa mga totoong Andrew E fans mula noon hanggang ngayon na tumatangkilik at naniniwala,” Andrew E said.

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Meanwhile, Andrew E already scheduled to premiere his upcoming carrier single “Too Knight“, which was one of the tracks included in his upcoming “WHOLESOME 2” album that was scheduled to release on February 2021.

This song is already done and mixed and ready to be released for everyone’s excitement and will be the first to bang out,” Andrew E said in his scheduled post.

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