Andrew E Has This ‘Giant Good News For Everyone’

Andrew E has this “giant good news for everyone”

Actor Andrew E on Wednesday announced his “giant good news for everyone” aside from surpassing 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Andrew E
Screen-captured photo from Andrew E video

During his livestream on Wednesday, Andrew E shared that he and his family were excited and happy for the past one and a half weeks after receiving an e-mail from an undisclosed company.

Halos hindi kaming makakain nang maayos and napakahirap matulog sa gabi-gabi for one and a half weeks,” Andrew E said.

The actor also shared that he received an e-mail one and a half weeks ago and he though that it was a scam at first, but then he shared that the said e-mail was about his upcoming project which he described as “so big for me to handle”.

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With this, the actor announced that he was invited by one of the biggest movie company in Hollywood and was also invited to star in an upcoming film.

However, he clarified that he won’t star in “Crazy Rich Asians 2”. Instead, he said that it’s a different Hollywood movie and described as an all-American film.

He also said that he will reveal other details about it — including the cast and the title of the said film — in his next livestream.

Andrew E also clarified that he didn’t apply for the said role and he instead accept an invitation from an undisclosed company to star in an upcoming Hollywood film.

You can watch the full video below:

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