Super Tekla and Michelle Settled Their Rift But Not Living Together

Super Tekla and live-in partner are now okay

Super Tekla and his former live-in partner Michelle Lhor Bana-ag have already settled their rift but unfortunately, they are not living together under the same roof.

Super Tekla and Michelle Settles Rift But Not Living Together
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However, they still have communication for the sake of their son Angelo.

In the recent taping of The Boobay and Tekla Show (TBATS), Super Tekla turned emotional on the guesting his best friend Donita Nose.

Tekla went emotional as he recalls his previous controversy with Michelle.

At the time, his son Angelo was rushed to a hospital that’s why he immediately went to the hospital after the taping.

He and Michelle were even captured on camera talking with each other but his manager, Rose Conde plead not to post it on socal media.

According to, his son had a Pneumonia and fortunately, he did not contract COVID-19.

His son is now in a stable condition and is currently recuperating.

Michelle and Tekla aggreed that their child stays with her.

Tekla also see to it supporting the needs of his son Angelo.

Tekla definitely moved on from the past controversy and has forgiven Michelle and with that, Donita said she would not be surprised if the two rekindles their relationship.

Last month, Michelle asked the help of Raffy Tulfo in his YouTube program over the alleged maltreatment of the comedian.

But Super Tekla strongly denied all the allegations thrown at him.

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