JUST IN: CHED Rejects Academic Freeze, Suspension Up To Schools

CHED Rejects Academic Freeze, Says Schools Can Decide To Suspend

JUST IN: CHED REJECTS ACADEMIC FREEZE – Following the onslaught of floods in areas of Luzon, people called for an academic freeze.

According to supporters of the academic break, it would only be fair to those severely affected by floods. Students and advocates alike said that no one should be left behind in terms of education.

However, much like the previous calls for an academic freeze, Commission on Higher Education decided to reject the calls. But, CHED did say that it would be up to the schools to suspend classes.

JUST IN: CHED Rejects Academic Freeze, Suspension Up To Schools

According to the education body, Schools and families are affected differently. Furthermore, based on an article from CNN, CHED said a unilateral suspension won’t be a good policy.

They explained that decisions can’t be made based on what’s happening on the ground level. Meanwhile, netizens had mixed reactions about the news.

Some say its better as classes shouldn’t be suspended for those unaffected. On the other hand, others think it’s unfair for those affected to leave them behind after a crisis.

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