Gabbi Garcia Describes What She Loves About Being A Gen Z

Gabbi Garcia described what she loved about being a Gen Z.

Actress Gabbi Garcia responded to a question wherein she was asked to describe what she loved about being a Gen Z.

Gabbi Garcia
Screen-captured photo from Kapuso PR Girl Facebook video

In a Facebook post on GMA Network’s “Kapuso PR Girl”, Gabbi responded to a question “What for you is the best thing about being a Gen Z?”

According to her, the best thing about being a Gen Z was that she felt like their generation was much more brave and they tend to think out of the box, adding that they’re willing to take risks.

Gabbi also shared that based on her own experience and with her friends and with people she knew who were of her age, it was like they’re all willing to take risks.

She wasn’t only relatable just for millennials, but also for Gen Z’s as well.

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Gabbi also shared that she felt like risks were “scary but also beautiful” because she wouldn’t know a thing if she didn’t try.

I love how we’re risk-takers,” Gabbi said.

For her first “In Real Life” episode, Gabbi appeared with special guest Khalil Ramos, who was her real-life boyfriend.

Gabbi and Khalil were also about to star in their first Kapuso teleserye, “Love you, Stranger“, under GMA Public Affairs.

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