Camille Prats Pens Message For Her Grandmother On Her Birthday

Camille Prats wrote a message for her grandmother on her birthday.

“Mars Pa More” host Camille Prats had recently took to social media as she wrote a lengthy message for her grandmother on her birthday.

This, as she posted on her Instagram account wherein she shared photos from her grandmother’s birthday celebration.

Camille Prats
Photo: Camille Prats / Instagram

As seen in her photos posted on Thursday, her family held a home party for Lola Ester, which was attended by four generations of “Pratties”.

In the caption, Camille greeted Lola Ester — who celebrated her 80th birthday — and expressed how blessed it was to have her in their lives.

Camille also said that she’s very lucky to have her grandmother by her side, adding that she enjoyed meals that her grandmother prepared for her each and every time.

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In addition, Camille told her grandmother that her life was one of the greatest blessings she had in this lifetime.

I am very proud to be your apo and I know how proud you are of me. And all of us your grandchildren. You fill our hearts (and our tummies) with so much joy by the work of your hands,” Camille said.

She also said that she already knew what was her grandmother’s secret ingredient in every dish that she made – her love for the family.

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