Bettinna Carlos Describes Fiancé As Her “Bestfriend”

Bettinna Carlos described her fiancé as her “bestfriend”

Almost a month after announcing their engagement, Bettinna Carlos posted on social media saying that she’s marrying her ‘bestfriend’.

And yes, her ‘bestfriend’ was referring to her non-showbiz fiance Mikki Eduardo.

Bettinna Carlos
Photo: Bettinna Carlos / Instagram

It was last October 7 when she and Mikki officially announced that they’re officially engaged.

Last week, she posted a video on her Instagram account wherein her fiancé fetched her by the door and said, “Hi, pakasal na tayo!

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Recently, Bettinna took to social media as she shared how her “special time” with her fiancé went at that time.

In her Instagram post, Bettinna shared that she enjoyed her “special time” with her fiance.

I’m just so thankful you’re you. Hay thank you Lord!!!! I am marrying my bestfriend“, Bettinna said in her post.

Meanwhile, her YouTube channel already reached over 100,000 subscribers. With this, she was about to receive a Silver Play Button from YouTube.

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