Beautiful Bride Chooses UP-Ikot Jeep as her Bridal Jeep During Wedding

Beautiful Bride Uses UP-Ikot Jeep as her Bridal Car During Most-Awaited Wedding Day

The stunning photos of a beautiful bride who choose UP-Ikot jeepney as her bridal jeep during wedding gone viral.

The Facebook page “ABS-CBN News” has shared the stunning photos of a gorgeous bride who used UP-Ikot jeepney as her bridal jeep. The photos spread like a wildfire online and earned praises from the online community.

A netizen named James Abao of Quezon City has shared the photos of their ordinary public utility jeepney, which underwent a major transformation. The jeep turned into a ‘perfect bridal car’.

Beautiful Bride

The bride identified as Sharmaine Jo G. Arellano-Vidal said that UP-Ikot jeep is special for her because she was riding it to reach her destination since her college days. She choose the jeep as her bridal car that would bring her to Church.

Sharmaine’s mom made the design and arrangement inside the jeepney. The interior design of the jeepney was inspired by the Filipino culture and tradition.

“Komportable po ako sa loob ng jeep plus super excited kasi ang ganda ng pagkakaayos ng Mama ko sa loob at labas ng jeep. Proud din kasi pinagtitinginan siya ng mga tao.” Sharmaine said.

The netizens expressed their reactions to the jeepney:

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