Andrea Torres Releases Statement On Breakup With Derek Ramsay

Andrea Torres released a statement on breakup with Derek Ramsay.

Actress Andrea Torres had issued a statement on Friday, November 20, confirming her breakup with actor-model Derek Ramsay.

This, as Andrea confessed that she and Derek had indeed parted ways. However, she’d rather not to talk about their split in detail.

Andrea Torres Statement Breakup
Photo: Andrea Torres / Instagram

In a statement that was sent to, the actress confirmed that she and Derek were no longer together and she would rather keep the details in private as she wanted to “give the breakup the same amount of respect” that she had for their relationship.

I think you all know how much it meant to me. I hope you understand. I will always wish him and his family well,” Andrea said.

Her admission came a day after Derek Ramsay confirmed his breakup with the actress.

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In a statement obtained by ABS-CBN News, Derek said that their breakup had happened so fast and maybe they’re “just not meant to be”.

Please respect us nalang. We shared our love to all of you. Sana naman we can keep this to ourselves,” Derek said.

The actor was replying to a certain comment made by his follower asking about Andrea on his Instagram account, saying “Please don’t point the finger at anyone. There is nothing wrong with Andrea. She is a great woman.

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  1. So sad ilang babae pa ba ang dadaan sayo parang laruan lamang kung mag palit ng babae. No contentment in a girl. Sa kahahanap kahanap ng tamang babae para sayo sana wag kang mauwi sa…. Sorry no offensement i am a fan of yours kaso pagdating sa girlfriend mo di nag last walang forever sayo. Andrea Torres na bata, maganda pinakawalan mo pa? A woman should be loved and cherish, hindi yung pag ayaw na ganun na lang agad umayaw. I have no right to judge pero as a woman i know the feeling.


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