Kris Bernal Shares Qualities She Loves Most About Her Fiancé

Kris Bernal shared the qualities that she loved most about her fiancé.

Actress-entrepreneur Kris Bernal took to social media as she shared the qualities that she loved most about her fiancé Perry Choi.

This, after uploading her latest vlog on her YouTube channel wherein she started planning her future home before getting married.

Kris Bernal Qualities
Photo: Kris Bernal / Instagram

It was last February when she and her fiancé announced that they’re officially engaged, but the couple haven’t yet prepared for their wedding because of the ongoing pandemic.

Previously, she and Perry shared that they’re aiming at getting married on May 2021.

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In her latest Instagram post, Kris mentioned some of the best qualities of her future husband.

According to her, one of her favorite things about her fiancé was how he can entertain her, adding that her fiancé was always doing something random and funny just to make her smile.

However, Kris revealed that her fiancé remained quiet when he’s around other people. She even described Perry as a “very compassionate yet quiet man”.

Meanwhile, the actress said that she tried “social media distancing” as she wanted to have more time outside of social media.

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