KC Concepcion spent ‘Millions’ for almost 3-month stay in wellness center?

Is this proof of “yayamanin” status of KC Concepcion?

Actress KC Concepcion stayed in a wellness center and resort in Batangas for almost three months and it was rumored that she spent “millions” on this.

During the second lockdown in Metro Manila, KC was already at The Farm At San Benito in Lipa. While the movement was limited in the metro, she was at the wellness center enjoying her “me time”.

kc concepcion
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She had her unwind moments and time to boost her health in a place that has become famous to be a destination for celebrities when they want to relax.

The actress has been sharing the photos and videos taken inside the resort as she did various activities there. There were times that she will feature the amenities of the wellness center.

On some days, she would showcase the beautiful scenery and how being one with nature contributed to her wellness. KC also did several OOTD shots while spending her vacation at The Farm.


It can be seen in her photos that she really enjoyed her stay there. For those who have noticed that she spent time there for quite a long time than other celebrities, the thought that she is endorsing the resort surfaced.

Some thought that it was an exchange deal between her and the wellness center. However, based on the article by entertainment columnist Salve Asis in Pilipino Star Ngayon, KC Concepcion stay at The Farm with pay.


It was said that a source close to the actress revealed that she spent “millions” for staying there. However, the exact amount that she spent was not revealed.

KC just recently returned to Manila after the community quarantine situation eased.

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