Joey Reyes Slams DepEd Over Learning Module

Director Joey Reyes took to social media to vent out his frustration over a particular learning module courtesy of the Department of Education (DepEd).

Joey Reyes Slams DepEd Over Learning Module
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Recently, he went to the social networking site, Facebook wherein he shared a picture taken from the learning module of his friends niece.

“What was not only dismaying but infuriating about the material is self-explanatory. What kind of vision and even professionalism exist among those in charge of education in this country if the teaching of language is based on identifying ‘hugot lines’ and ‘quotable quotes’ from local movies and asking who rendered these dialogue?”

He added: What sort of learning expectations and deliverables are found here … or did whoever made this module think that involving popular culture trivia is an effective way to teach language?”

Joey Reyes, who works in the academe as well, as an instructor at the De La Salle University, said that he was dismayed about it.

Early this month, classes among public and private schools reopened.

Offline and online learning methods are being observed, now that face-to-face classes have been suspended due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

In terms of offline learning method, most institution uses learning modules provided by the Department of Education.

Unfornately, there have been reported errors with some of the modules.

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