Ghost of an Old Woman Appears in a Video Call

A ghost of an old woman allegedly appeared while a certain Glyza Bernardino-De Jesus was making a video call with her daughter.

Ghost of an Old Woman Appears in a Video Call
Photo Credit: YouTube screengrab

Glyza was caught in the midst of a lockdown while finding a job.

Because she’s unable to go to her hometown in Tarlac, she decided to stay with her brother for a while in Bulacan.

According to her, she thought of making a video call to her family to say hello to them.

And while she’s talking with her daughter, a mysterious woman suddenly appeared in the video.

Watch the video below:

Glyza then asked her daughter if she’s with someone at that moment because she saw an old woman behind her.

But Glyza’s daughter insists she is alone.

Glyza’s daughter was able to take a screenshot of that moment when the mysterious woman peeked at the video.

But what made them more terrified is that they found out who was the person in the video call.

She shared that it was her mom Elizabeth or Chevy, who was long dead.

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