Musician Jon Sawac Goes Viral Due to Sacrifice Sale Just to Feed Family

Musician Jon Sawac Sells Musical Instruments Just to Feed Family

The musician Jon Sawac of Baguio City goes viral after posting his sacrifice sale including his musical instruments just to feel his family.

Jon Sawac has decided to sell his musical instruments including his two electric guitars, guitar effects, pedal grill, microphones, and pedal grill just to earn money to support the financial necessities of his family.

The guitarist reiterated that music could no longer feed him and his family due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. He also lost gigs and other sources of income related to music, which makes his family struggle financially.

My music is not feeding me and my family any longer nor can it pay for the bills as it used to either,” Sawac said.

Sawac explained that he will use the money for the necessities of his family and to buy a motorcycle, which he would use as errand service. He had no other choice but to sell his beloved instruments.

The Baguio musician also expressed his pain to let go of his guitars, which helped him on his musical journey over the past few years.

It pains me to let these beloveds go specially these 2 guitars who helped a lot in my musical journey throughout those years but I have to, Jon added.

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