Markus Paterson Reveals He’ll Never Work With Janella Salvador Due To This

Markus Paterson revealed his reason why he would never work with Janella Salvador on-screen.

Filipino-British actor-singer Markus Paterson recently revealed his reason why he would never work with Janella Salvador on-screen.

Markus Paterson Never Work
Screen-captured photo from Markus Paterson Instagram video

In a conversation with Kyle Echarri on the latter’s recent vlog, Markus said that he would never work with his girlfriend because he thought he and Janella won’t work together on screen.

However, Markus admitted that he wouldn’t give up the “love of my life” just because JoshNella fans didn’t want him and Janella together.

She’s the love of my life and I will never lose her to a fan’s choice“, Markus said.

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Meanwhile, Markus said that he had nothing against Joshua Garcia, adding that he understood why JoshNella tandem clicked.

According to him, he loved Joshua as an actor and he described Joshua as a “great guy” and a “brilliant actor”. Markus also said that their tandem clicked because they’re both professionals and brilliant actors and actresses as well.

I get the point, but what the Philippine public has to understand that actors are human, too. And it’s their choice if they want to take the love team to the next level. It’s their choice“, Markus said.

Aside from this, Markus revealed his reason why he and Janella Salvador decided to go public.

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