Disappointed Parents Seek Raffy Tulfo’s Help to File Complaint vs ‘Malditang Anak’

Disappointed Parents Seek Raffy Tulfo’s Help to Settle Issue with ‘Malditang Anak’

Disappointed parents sought the help the of the veteran radio broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to file complaint against ‘Malditang Anak’.

The couple identified as Elma and Rey Franco have expressed their sentiments and disappointment after their child Melrose Maloto reportedly disrespects them. The elderly couple allegedly experienced also harassment from their own child and its husband.

Raffy Tulfo also contacted Melrose to settle the issue but both sides insisted on their rights regarding the issue. The radio personality asked further questions from both sides and took pity on the situation of the elderly couple.

Disappointed Parents

Melrose, her husband Arley, and their children were allegedly disrespecting Elma and Rey on their own house. Melrose and Arley are still living on the house of the elderly parents, which causes a frequent argument between them.

Tulfo advised Melrose to respect and love her parents and also to teach her kids to do the same. He also asked the help of Iloilo police chief major Gilbert Bonquillo to settle the issue between the complainant and the accused.

Disappointed Parents

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