Bettinna Carlos Calls Mikki Eduardo A ‘Very Truthful Man’, Here’s Why!

Here’s why Bettinna Carlos called Mikki Eduardo a “very truthful man”.

Bettinna Carlos recently took to social media as she shared a story about Mikki Eduardo, calling her partner as a “very truthful man”.

Bettinna Carlos Mikki Truthful

In an Instagram post, Bettinna said that one of her answered prayers was that her partner was a “very truthful man” just because he’s honest.

Bettinna also said that she always had an issue with “lying” or receiving “incomplete truths”, adding that it hurts her and she turned suspicious if someone’s account was incomplete or he/she had limited information.

However, Bettinna said that her partner displayed truthfulness from day one as Mikki established “honesty” and “openness” very early on.

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She then remembered when she had a 7-hour phone conversation with Mikki, saying that Mikki confessed to her and shared his past — his sins, mistakes, failures, etc. — without her asking.

Bettinna also said that she’s sure that it wasn’t easy for her partner to unpack his past to someone he hoped to still have after his confession, adding that it was a “risk” if Mikki would still be accepted after.

And yes, she admitted that she did accepted Mikki not because she’s good or kind, but because God worked in her heart.

Bettinna also said that her acceptance of Mikki wasn’t even because she’s such a forgiving and kind person, but because God reminded her that she’s just like her partner as well.

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Speaking of truth…. one of my answered prayers is that Mikki is a very truthful man. (So honest, madalas ikinapapahamak niya😅) Ive always had an issue with lying or receiving incomplete truths. Yung pag di kumpleto yung account mo or may winiwithhold kang information, hurtful sakin yon and I turn suspicious. But Mikki displayed truthfulness from day 1. He established honesty and openness very early on. I remember a 7hour phone convo (highschool lang peg!) 1 week into being introduced (!!!) He confessed and shared with me his past his sins mistakes failures etc WITHOUT ME ASKING. VINOLUNTEER LANG NI KUYA! (Hanep. Lakas mo Love pag naaalala ko haha whew but seriously his boldness was admirable. Eeee I love you @mikki.e.eduardo 😍😍😍 ) And his purpose was, so that I can gauge if I can accept him or not. If there is anything I cannot stomach… Im sure it was not easy for him to unpack his past to someone he hopes to still have after his confession. It was a risk if he will still be accepted after… But he was. I did accept him. But not because Im good/kind but because God worked in my heart. In fact mas nanaig yung gesture to initiate and expose himself than the things he confessed. His character surfaced.❤ And the thing is, my acceptance of him was not even because oh Im such a forgiving and kind person blah blah but because God reminded me that I too am just like Mikki. Ako rin makasalanan. Ako rin marumi. And just because my sins were “less” worse than his’ doesnt place me in a higher position na para bang o mas malinis ako sayo… dahil hindi. Pareho lang kami. Wala kaming maipagmamalaki. BUT our gracious God, still blessed us to start something beautiful despite our ugly past.😊 This photo was taken the first time we held hands. It was my turn to confess. I told him deep secrets I never told a soul. And I was struggling to even verbalize them. Para kong nabibilaukan at nanliliit. When he sensed that, he held my hand tighter and walked slower. He took my pace. That moment I felt like I was walking with Jesus. His quiet presence was so comforting. I did not feel condemned. Thats when I knew.😍 Thank you Love for loving me like Jesus.❤ #BeKki

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It was last month when Bettinna officially introduced Mikki as her new partner.

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