Young Lady Posts Photos of Bestfriend Saying “step mom ko na ngayon”

Young Lady Says Her Bestfriend is Now Her Stepmom and Impregnated by Her Dad

A young lady identified as KL Nebriaga has posts her photos with her bestfriend saying “bestfriend ko noon, step mom ko na ngayon”

A Facebook user named KL Nebriaga has shared her photos together with her best friend “Jeaneth Salis”, which is now her stepmom. The photos are now circulating online after it was posted on social media.

In the photos, it can be seen that Nebriaga is happily having quality time with her best friend. The two seem to be so close to each other based on the pictures. KL and Jeaneth also look like siblings because of their closeness.

Young Lady

Nebriaga expressed her dismay because her bestfriend is now her stepmom. She also revealed that Salis is now pregnant after impregnated by her dad.

Young Lady

A photo of screenshot wherein the KL and Jeaneth were having an exchange of heated arguments has been posted online.

Young Lady

Here is the full post:

bestfriend ko noon, step mom ko na ngayon.😂 magkakaron pa ko ng kapatid sayo ah😊 guys, siya pa matapang!😂

Young Lady

However, Nebriaga had already removed her post.

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9 thoughts on “Young Lady Posts Photos of Bestfriend Saying “step mom ko na ngayon””

  1. If your dad is single or legally annulled to your mom or you are a product of no marriage between your mom n dad, I don’t see any issue. As long as they love each other and regardless of dad and bff age gap, OK lang yan at wag mo gawing villain bff mo. One day soon ikaw at mag aasawa din at ibang tao yun pero at least dad mo kilala mo bff mo. Kesa kumuha ng madrasta mo at mas mabigat na adjustment sayo. Beyond norms kasi ganito at kakaiba pero give your blessings lang and move on.


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