Tricycle Driver Wears Styropor as Face Mask & Water Container as Face Shield

Tricycle Driver Nestor Lazaro Uses Improvised Face Mask & Face Shield

A tricycle driver identified as Nestor Lazaro goes viral online after wearing a styropor as face mask and water container as face shield.

The Facebook page “” has shared the photos of a tricycle driver named Nestor Lazaro wearing an improvised face mask and face shield. The innovative guy earns praises online for his creativity.

In the photos, it can be seen that the man create an improvised face mask from a styropor container and make a face shield from a used water container. He is using his improvised PPEs while driving his motorcycle to make a living.

Tricycle Driver
Tricycle Driver

The 53-year-old man explained that his improvised shields make it easier to breathe for him, unlike regular face masks and shields. He created the improvised PPEs in compliance with the government’s memorandum requiring commuters and drivers to wear face shields in public transport.

Tricycle Driver

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Tricycle driver Nestor Lazaro wears his own creations: a face mask that is actually a Styropor container and a face shield fashioned from a water container.

The 53-year-old says his improvised shields are easier to breathe through as he waits for passengers outside a hospital in Manila

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