Star Magic Launches ‘Kantina Kapamilya’ Online Food Delivery Service

Star Magic officially launched “Kantina Kapamilya” online food delivery service.

Star Magic had recently launched its online food delivery service “Kantina Kapamilya” which all started with their team’s unifying love for food.

This, as Star Magic – a talent subsidiary of ABS-CBN – decided to open an online food delivery service in order to help ABS-CBN workers who had been relieved of their respective jobs.

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ABS-CBN was previously ordered a “cease and desist” by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) forcing the network to stop their television and radio operations.

It was last July 10 when a majority of the House committee on legislative franchises decided to reject ABS-CBN Corporation from being granted a new franchise. With this, more than 11,000 employees had lost their jobs.

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In a promotional video about its project that was launched last August 14, Star Magic said that they’re experts in looking for something delicious at any time just because they often have breakfast in their office.

Star Magic also said that they even tasted a variety of original and authentic recipes because their work took them to different locations.

Through the said project, Star Magic shared their favorite meals into “frozen” and “ready-to-eat” packages that were ready to be delivered to customers’ doorsteps. To know more about this, you may visit Kantina Kapamilya on Facebook.

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