OPLAN RECOVERY Updates: DOH Releases Public Announcement

DOH released a public announcement regarding the regular OPLAN RECOVERY updates.

The Department of Health on Friday officially released a public announcement regarding the regular updates on its OPLAN RECOVERY.

This, as the Department of Health posted on its Facebook page announcing that the time-based COVID-19 recoveries will be reported every Sunday.

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According to the Department of Health, OPLAN RECOVERY was an “initiative” that the department had activated in order to keep an eye on the statuses of confirmed coronavirus cases, particularly with recoveries and fatalities.

Through the said initiative, the data collection, validation, and reconciliation of information was enhanced between the central and regional offices and the local government units (LGUs).

Since its activation, the Department of Health said that the OPLAN RECOVERY had been constant and continuous in order to ensure that their data was up-to-date and accurate.

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To recall, the Department of Health had reported over 37,000 time-based recoveries last July 30, 2020.

The Department of Health had previously explained that those patients with coronavirus disease (COVID-19) who had mild symptoms or asymptomatic were tagged as “recovered” 14 days from the date of their onset of symptoms or by date of specimen collection.

With this, the Department of Health informed the public that another batch of time-based recoveries will be reported on August 16. In addition, the DOH announced that the time-based COVID-19 recoveries will be reported every Sunday after validation of its regional offices with the local government units.

Moreover, the Department of Health thanked its partners from the local government units who had been supporting the department’s OPLAN RECOVERY efforts and helping them validate their data.

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