Kris Aquino Wants to Be President of the Philippines

President Kris Aquino?!

Queen of All Media Kris Aquino wants to be president of the Philippines when asked of which person or personality she desires to be for one day.

Kris Aquino Wants to Be President of the Philippines
Photo Credit: Kris Aquino/Instagram

“I’m sorry, Catholic Church, please don’t get mad at me. For one day, I want to be President – on the day na ira-ratify na magkakaroon ng divorce sa Philippines, para pirmahan,” she said.

In a divorce, the couple is still recognized as having been married previously while in annulment, the marriage is being treated as though it never existed.

But both have the same effect, they dissolve the marriage.

She also stressed that annulment is a difficult process and “expensive.”

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In was in 2012 when Kris Aquino’s marriage with estranged husband James Yap has been declared by the court as “null and void.” They got married in 2005.

Meanwhile, she also aired her side about same-gender marriage particularly among members of the LGBT community.

But Kris Aquino reiterated that she’s not looking forward to a position in 2022.

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2 thoughts on “Kris Aquino Wants to Be President of the Philippines”

  1. I subsrcibe to the Aquino’s style of leadership, and supported them all the way from the time of Ninoy being imprisoned by Marcos until his assasination at the airport, to Cory reluctancy as a candidate, the many coup of the ambitious Honasan and Enrile, the resurgence of the Marcoses, till Noynoy end of presidency, with of course some disappointments in many issues. But remain loyal to the country, its constitution and the leadership of the Aquino’s.

    I have seen Kris as a Child campaining, but it would be better for the country that Kris remains in the showbiz, not because I am a practicing Roman Catholic, and Kris is for divorce or Union of LGBT.

    The Aquino’s have stenciled their names in stone in our country History, I do not want them to be accused of another Trapo Oligarchs, let their names be known as one of our good leaders who fought for our freedom and democracy in the History of our country, and rebuilt it, until it is being eroded again.

  2. Tumakbo ka ng gusto mo Kris.. Diyan mo makikita kung ilang boto ang makukuha mo sa 2022.. Ubusin mo yang pera mo para namang ayuda sa pilipino kasi tatanggalin yan kaao iba ang binoto. Lol


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