Julia Barretto Shares Realizations While On Home Quarantine

Julia Barretto shared her realizations while she’s doing home quarantine.

Actress Julia Barretto had recently revealed that she had a lot of realizations while she’s doing home quarantine.

Julia Barretto Realizations
Photo: Julia Barretto / Instagram

According to Julia, she thought she wasn’t going to state just one thing, yet she thought just overall it’s just to “never take anything for granted“.

Julia also said that they did so much that they didn’t think it would be taken away from them before the lockdown, that they couldn’t do it in just a snap of a finger.

In addition, Julia shared an advice to her viewers saying that they shouldn’t take anything for granted because they would never know when it will disappear. Julia added that it was important to be in constant communication with the people they cared about.

Make sure that they are okay kasi tayo tayo lang din yung naghuhugutan ng lakas,” Julia said.

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Meanwhile, Julia said that she was happy to be able to cook more for her family as she had tried to cook a lot of things yet she really love to make pasta.

Julia also said that she made some pasta — which she described it as “creamy sausage pasta” — that she made for her mother that she always really asked her to make.

Moreover, Julia said that she usually did it when she wanted to surprise her mother or when there’s a special occasion.

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