Former Actress Mahal Now A Celebrity Vlogger

Former actress and comedian Mahal became a celebrity vlogger!

Former actress and comedian Noemi Tesorero — or also known as “Mahal” — had recently entered the world of vlogging as she decided to become a celebrity vlogger.

Mahal Celebrity Vlogger
Screen-captured photo from MAHAL YouTube Channel

In her latest video that was uploaded to YouTube, Mahal shared what she often did on her ordinary days through her “A Day In My Life” vlog.

Mahal was joined by Mygz Molino — a model and an indie actor — in the said vlog.

Although her relationship with Mygz wasn’t clear, PUSH reported that it was known for having relationships with those people who were younger than her.

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Mahal started to venture into vlogging last July and she had a lot of content videos on her YouTube channel. Some of her content videos include “Chubby Bunny Challenge”, “Skincare Routine”, and “Mukbang Challenge”.

Meanwhile, her YouTube channel already reached over 46,400 subscribers and her “A Day In My Life” vlog already reached over 51,000 views as of this writing. Mahal also has a total of 13 videos on her channel as of this writing.

It was last 2015 when Mahal married Jobbie Hebrio. However, their relationship lasted for two years. In addition, it was rumored that Mahal had a relationship with Sam Jacinto, yet it hasn’t been confirmed as of this writing.

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