Elderly Man Punched by Barangay Tanod After He Was Rebuked for Gambling

Barangay Tanod Allegedly Punches Elderly Man For Rebuking Him While Gambling

An elderly man has been reportedly punched by a barangay tanod after he was rebuked for allegedly gambling amid pandemic.

Recently, the Youtube channel “News5Everywhere” has shared the video footage of an elderly man filing a complaint against a barangay tanod who reportedly punched him. The video is now circulating online.

The grandpa named Danilo Lace seeks the help of the veteran radio broadcaster Danilo Lacse after a barangay tanod identified as Edgardo Sorbito punched him. Tatay Danny also sought the help of his sister Eden Ribon to talk with Sir Tulfo.

Elderly Man

Tatay Danny reportedly rebuked the people including a barangay tanod who were gambling at a store. Unfortunately, the tanod punched the senior citizen for his actions. The incident happened at Victorias City in the province of Negros Occidental.

However, Sorbito explained that the senior citizen was the first to punch him and he just fought back. He also denied the accusations that he is gambling and just went to the store to buy a snack.

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