Concerned Netizen Expresses Concern Towards Neighbor’s Dog For Living Miserably

Concerned Netizen Expresses Concern Towards Neighbor’s Dog For Living Miserably

A concerned netizen named Delia Lladoc Canuday expressed her concern towards her neighbor’s dog that lives miserably under its master’s custody.

A Facebook user named Delia Lladoc Canuday has post the photos of her neighbor’s dog that was tied everyday at the gate. The post immediately spread like a wildfire online and elicits comments from the social media users.

Canuday said that the photos were sent to her by a resident from their subdivision in Melanie Marquez St. The lady was able to talk to the maid working at the dog’s master and learned the reason why the dog was tied all day long.

Concerned Netizen

The maid explained that her employers were afraid that the dog might get pregnant if they released it. The dog could hardly move because the leash was tightly tied at the gate of the house.

Delia also revealed that the owner could not even provide a decent leash and collar for their pet.

Concerned Netizen

Here is the full post:

Permission to post Admin. This pic was sent to me by one of the resident of our subdivision . So I went to the place located in Melanie Marquez St., I was able to talk to the maid her reason was because the owner is afraid that the dog will get pregnant if the leash will keep a bit longer. I pity the dog because she can hardly move. I didnt see logic sa reason na mabuntis kasi lulusot daw ang aso. Kung natakot sila na mabuntis how come the dog is tied outside of the gate ? This is the way of life of the dog everyday. And this is against Animal Welfare Act. This is a big house but they cannot buy their dog a comfortable leash and collar. The dog is serving them by guarding their house. Yes they are feeding the dog but the dog is living miserably .

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