Anthony Fauci Raises Concerns Over COVID-19 Vaccines From China, Russia

Anthony Fauci raised concerns over COVID-19 vaccines from China and Russia.

Anthony Fauci on Friday raised concerns about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines that were under development by Russia and China.

Anthony Fauci
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This, as Fauci said during a Congressional hearing that it was unlikely for the United States to make use of COVID-19 vaccines from Russia and China if these vaccines arrived in the US first.

Fauci also hoped that the Russians and the Chinese were actually testing the COVID-19 vaccine before they’re administering it to the public, adding that he didn’t believe that there would be vaccines that they’ll have to depend on other countries in order to get them vaccines.

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Some companies from China were at the forefront of the global COVID-19 vaccine race, while Russia had stated that it hoped to be the “first in the world” to produce COVID-19 vaccine for everyone with a target date of September this year.

However, these medicines would likely face heightened inspection given that the regulatory systems in Russia and China were far more opaque than they’re in the West.

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