Alex Jazz, Jennylyn Mercado’s Son, Turns 12 Years Old

Alex Jazz just turned 12 years old on Sunday.

Alex Jazz, a son of actress Jennylyn Mercado, just turned 12 years old on Sunday, August 16, and he was celebrating it in a “Blippi” style.

This, as Jennylyn Mercado posted on her Instagram account as greeted her son on his birthday.

Alex Jazz
Alex Jazz just turned 12 years old on Sunday. Photo from Jennylyn Mercado / Instagram

In her Instagram post, she shared photos of her Alex’s mini-celebration with Dennis Trillo who was dressed as an American entertainer.

Nikka Garcia — Jennylyn’s ex-partner Patrick Garcia’s wife — greeted Alex a happy birthday as she commented on Jennylyn’s Instagram post.

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Nikka Garcia and Patrick Garcia had recently celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary and they already had three daughters: Francisca Pia, Patrice, and Chelsea.

Meanwhile, actress Jennylyn Mercado was happily in a relationship with actor Dennis Trillo.

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