SONA 2020: Senator Kiko Pangilinan Releases Statement

Here’s a statement from Senator Kiko Pangilinan in connection to SONA 2020.

SONA 2020 — Here’s a statement from Senator Kiko Pangilinan in connection to President Rodrigo Duterte’s State of the Nation Address this year.

SONA 2020
Photo from Kiko Pangilinan website / / MANILA BULLETIN

Hindi makahinga. Yan ang nararamdaman ng maysakit ng malalang COVID“, Pangilinan said.

Senator Pangilinan said in his statement that was released last July 26, 2020, that 5.2 million Filipinos — which was the “highest number” since 2014 — were also short of breath and suffered from hunger.

He also said that 8.9 million Filipino workers who lost their jobs — including 74,000 jeepney drivers and 11,000 workers of ABS-CBN — were also short of breath, suffered from hunger, and also worried.

In addition, Pangilinan said that parents of 5.7 million grade school and high school students who dropped out this academic year felt the same — short of breath, suffered from hunger, and also worried.

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Pangilinan also said that the public was also “restless”, “hungry”, “anxious”, and “angry” due to the following reasons:

  • the number of patients who were infected by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continued to increase despite the “longest lockdown” and power that was given by the Congress to the Administration to realign the budget;
  • chose to buy expensive and imported test kits instead of test kits from the University of the Philippines;
  • prioritizing the Anti-Terror Law; and
  • there’s still money laundering to go through contact tracing, mass testing, and treatment.

Moreover, he said that only by expressing their anger and by showing their loudest protest would the crooked behavior of an incumbent official “listen” and “change”, as such, #SONAgKAISA exist.

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2 thoughts on “SONA 2020: Senator Kiko Pangilinan Releases Statement”

  1. This Senator is a lawyer who is out of his mind thinking of things that he was referring which his data and ideas was insane. I do know reach to this ideas millions of students to fell short of course. Why do we see the VIRUS look Mr. Senator in the place of Spain, Brazil, and the many nations who were affected by the PANDEMIC it was not the way President Duster’s will that the virus will come a bit worse from our country . I do not know if he is blind, deaf or just a failure leader to his LP organization, your thinking is like a man lost to his intellect because of hatred and jealousy.

  2. I have revise my comment, I do not know how he graded all of his statements were seem his not a lawyer by profession. He is the kind of a politician losing better ideas than a elementary graders. The virus is not only in our country some of our people are hard headed and if discipline given the law to follow but still they disobey and you and your friends are defending them even they violated the law, only if you helped rather criticizing stop your arrogant words it is not helping the more you added the problem you are also a VIRUS, you never had a contribution. May I ask you Mr. Senator what are your accomplishments in this crisis we had? for me -5 as my grade. President Duterte is good man he made many things that your DILAWAN hasn’t done same even you yourself had many flaws, look at your JUVENILE LAW? do you think it was a good and better law the more you teach them to create crimes. ANG TALUNAN NA HINDI KAYANG TANGGAPIN AY GAGAWA NG MALI KAHIT TAMA , pero ito ang tandan-an mo sa susunod o darating na Halalan expect from my family and friend a ZERO VOTE, your are a disgusting servant we are losing and wasting our money.


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