Netizen Notices DZRH News Playing Private Video of Jim Paredes

A netizen took to Twitter wherein he expresses his frustration after noticing the private video of singer-composer Jim Paredes being played on the DZRH News report.

Earlier, Twitter user Kim Fajardo or @KimmyPatrol went to the micro-blogging platform wherein he shared a video report of DZRH News.

But what he noticed is that it also premiere the infamous private video of Jim Paredes.

Watch the clip provided below.

Kim Fajardo’s post is currently making rounds online garnering over 120,000 views as of press time.

Netizens couldn’t help but divulge their sentiments and reactions about the tweet.

Here are the comments of some Twitter users.


rhaio: “Radio stations are infiltrated by DDS. May isa pang station na nakakasulasok pakinggan.”

Lucas: “sorry pero anong agenda para i-report yan? Ang dami-daming pwedeng ibalita but they chose that? Surely may gusto kayong iparating.”

Greefenery: “The message was okay lang pagpyestahan ang isang private video gaya ng ginagawa ng mga DDS. Napaka unprofessional.”

Alexander Terrence: “tsss…. Hindi naman kailangan kung sino ang nauna sa Pinas.. Kundi ung may integridad at pinaglalaban ang tama.”

DZRH News has already earned the netizens’ ire but some claimed that the video is tampered or edited.

Jim Paredes and DZRH News, a television news channel owned by Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) are yet to issue an official statement regarding this matter.

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