MG, Jonah File Libel Charges vs. Nico David

MG and Jonah filed libel charges against Nico David

YouTubers Mark Jayson Warnakulahewa — also known as “MG” — and Jonah Renz Jacob filed libel charges against Youtuber Nico David.

This, as Nico David posted a photo on his Facebook page wherein he received two subpoenas from the Office of the City Prosecutor in Parañaque City summoning him earlier this week.

MG Jonah

In a report on Gamebreak Philippines (former Pinoy Gaming Realm), MG and Jonah filed libel charges because of Nico David’s “The Grand Makagago Debunk” and “Jonahrenz Jacob Debunk.”

Apparently, they were offended when Nico David called them out for their allegedly “bad behavior” and “arrogance” on social media, as such, MG and Jonah decided to file charges against him.

Nico then stood his ground and claimed that he was just exercising his rights in order to call out their behavior, adding that he asked for moral support from his supporters.

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He then clarified that he’s not asking for donations, but rather support from his supporters as he was about to face his legal battle. Despite that Nico was facing libel charges, netizens still expressed their admiration and support for him.

Meanwhile, Nico reviewed Marhaba and Paolul’s content in celebration of his birthday last Wednesday. He lauded Paolul for handling several issues on social media.

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