Junnie, Vien Now Trending On Twitter! Here’s Why!

Junnie and Vien recently trending on Twitter!

Both Junnie and Vien became the most-talked YouTube influencers that went trending on Twitter. Here’s a reason why they went viral online.

Junnie Vien Trending

“Ito na yung tunay na ‘It’s time!'”

It’s started when Junnie Boy shared a video on his YouTube account as he proposed to his now-fiance Vivien. He also revealed the behind-the-scene footage on how Junnie Boy prepared for his proposal.

The proposal started when YouTube influencer Viy Cortez did a game called “Mix and Match” and there’s a moment when participants – including the newly-engaged couple – were tasked to copy “church” and “wedding ring” emojis.

Following his proposal, Junnie Boy changed his Twitter name to “JUNNIE DAD” and posted screen-captured photos saying that Vien’s smile was “so priceless”.

Netizens congratulated them after announcing that they’re officially engaged.

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Viy Cortez, a YouTube influencer and Cong’s girlfriend, posted on her Twitter account as she congratulated Junnie Boy and Vien. She also posted a photo of her, Cong, and the newly-engaged couple on her tweet.

Twitter user @ynabeee posted on her Twitter account as she appreciated Junnie Boy’s effort and admitted that his proposal to Vien made her cry.

Another netizen posted screen-captured photos citing Article 1156 of the Civil Code of the Philippines.

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