Joseph Marco Starts Looking For ‘New Interest’ While On Home Quarantine

Joseph Marco started looking for his “new interest” while on home quarantine.

Actor Joseph Marco shared that he already started looking into pursuing his “new interest” while on home quarantine.

This, as Joseph said in an interview on Push that he did a little bit of researching and reading, adding that he did some editing from the videos that he just took. He also revealed that he had been studying filmmaking for the past three months.

Joseph Marco
Photo: Joseph Marco / Instagram

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Joseph earlier told himself to start studying filmmaking as he wanted to create and direct his own film one day. Moreover, he admitted that he liked dark stories and also outside-the-box stories instead of love stories.

I like dark kasi siguro nagsawa na ako sa mga love story“, Joseph said

Joseph also said that he gained lots of insights into his craft after the shooting of his first international project that ended last 2019.

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According to him, this was “a milestone” for him, adding that he would love to do it if ever they were going to offer him for another international project. For Joseph, it helped him grow as an actor and for his personality development as well.

Aside from it, Joseph said that he was able to gain lots of friends from Indonesia and Malaysia.

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