Google Maps Now Allows Users Calibrate Locations With ‘Live View’

Google allows its users to calibrate locations on Google Maps with “Live View”.

Google officially added an option to Google Maps that would allow its users to calibrate locations using the “Live View” mode.

This, as Google previously rolled out “Live View” – an Augmented Reality (AR) directions mode to both iOS and Android devices – last year.

Google Maps Now
“Live View” On Google Maps | Photo from Gizmochina

As reported on Gizmochina, Google introduced its new feature – the “Live View” – that can lock user’s location properly as GPS on smartphones didn’t work properly in densely-populated urban areas.

In order for them to calibrate GPS on their smartphones, users would have to twist their devices in a certain pattern. It could work most of the time, but as per the report, it might not function when a user was in a “jam-packed” area.

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In cases where users were in a densely-populated “jam-packed” urban areas, they could open “Live View” inside Google Maps and point their smartphone’s camera to any nearby street signs, buildings, or any other things in order for them to lock their current location.

The said feature would use Google’s years worth of Street View information in order to recognize users’ current location.

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